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Survivor Firestarter - Orange
The Survivor Firestarter is the ultimate fire starting tool, it features a 5/8" thick magnesium rod with a 1/4" thick Flint rod permanently attached, capable of producing approximately 20,000 strikes. Durable Polypropylene handle has a thermometer, signal mirror and glow in the dark compass built into it, as well as a steel striker attached with a nylon strap.

This is a critical piece of gear to add to any survival kit, or bug out bag or just to have for everyday fire starting, camping, etc. 

Magnesium is a flammable metal that burns at 5000° F, use the steel striker to shave off Magnesium from the rod into a small pile, make sure you have other tinder ready, then with the flint rod pointed towards the magnesium shavings, scrape the flint using the striker to shower sparks onto the magnesium and it will ignite burning at 5000°, quickly add tinder to the burring pile and you will soon have a nice small fire, continue to gradually add twigs and sticks, then logs until you have the desired size of a fire you want. ;
  • 20,000 Strikes
  • Works when wet
  • Use to light campfires, BBQ's and stoves
  • Available with black or orange handle

Ships in retail clam-shell packaging and instruction card.
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