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Survivor Firestarter- Wooden Handle 20,000 Strikes
This firestarter is attached to a hand crafted, easy to grip wooden handle and provides up to 20,000 strikes!  Includes the built in magnesium rod, leather strap, and striker.  The handle also contains a built in mirror, thermometer and compass located on the top. 

These are high quality magnesium fire starters that are much better quality than what you can find at most sporting good stores.  The magnesium rod is made from 99% pure magnesium and is much softer than most, allowing the user to shave off much smaller and softer pieces of magnesium, making it easier to ignite to start your fire. Burning at approximately 5,000 degrees fahrenheit, it will ignite any tinder bundle whether it's wet or dry. 

Made and sold out of Edinburgh, Texas 
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