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HeatStore Reflective Blanket
HeatStore Reflective Blankets are compact reflective sleeping blankets similar to standard reflective emergency blankets but are reinforced for durability and add an additional layer to trap in the warmth, while keeping you protected from the elements. 

The woven Nylon fiber outer shell protects the inner aluminumized PVC lining, preventing small punctures and tears from spreading. The reflective inner Mylar lining offers a wind and water proof layer between you and the elements. 

HeatStore Emergency Blankets not only reflect heat from the body back to the body, they will also absorb heat from the environment rather than reflecting it away - as is the case with standard reflective emergency blankets that are reflective on both sides.

Because of the extra woven Nylon layer that provides increased durability, this emergency blanket can be used for other purposes beside just being a blanket, such as a ground tarp etc -making it a more valuable survival asset in an emergency. If you want a more durable emergency blanket that will last longer in an emergency, this is it.

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