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2 Person Survival Sleeping Bag
2 Person Emergency Sleeping Bags are designed and made of a reflective Mylar material that reflects up to 80% of radiated body heat to keep you and one other person warm in an emergency or survival situation.

Useful in the prevention or treatment of Hypothermia.
Besides being wind and waterproof, this 2 Person Emergency Sleeping Bag is very lightweight (6.7 oz) and is compact enough to easily fit into a backpack, survival kit or bug out bag.
When unfolded the bag measures 64“ wide x 84“ long, large enough to accommodate 2 people. When folded up it’s 9” x 6.5” x .75”
Not only are Emergency sleeping bags an excellent addition to any survival kit or bug out bag, they are also an inexpensive way to increase the temperature rating of regular sleeping bags; add a 2 Person Emergency Sleeping Bag to your camping gear as a back-up, if the temperature dips below your double bags rating simply insert your regular double bag into the 2 Person Emergency Sleeping Bag to improve its temperate warmth rating for you and another person.
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