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Aspect Solar EnergyBar 100



At only 3.2 pounds, the EnergyBar 100 provides the freedom to take your charge wherever you travel for your portable solar power needs. With a lightweight and compact design, keeping your electronics charged will be easier than ever.
  • Best in Class High Powered Safe & Green Lithium Battery
  • 3-5 Times the Life of Traditional Batteries, 2000 Cycles
  • No Memory Problems, Extremely Long Shelf-Life
  • 40%-60% Lighter Than Traditional Batteries
  • Exceptional Recharge Rate

    The EnergyBar 100 portable power bank can be charged and recharged in a number of convenient ways.

    AC Adapter: 4 hours
    DC Adapter: 2 hours
    AspectSolar Solar Panel Kit: 4-8 hours
DEVICE WATTAGE Power Duration w/ Full Battery
Mobile Devices, Chargers, Small Fans, GPS, LED Lighting, CPAP Machines 10
10 Hours
5 Hours
LED Televisions, Video Game Consoles, Radios, DVD Players 30
3.3 Hours
2.5 Hours
2 Hours
Laptops, Electric Coolers, Large Fans 60
1.6 Hours
1.4 Hours
Multiple Devices Charging Simultaneously 80
1.3 Hours
1.1 Hours
Output 100 1 Hour
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