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Aspect Solar EnergyBar 250
The Aspect Solar EnergyBar 250 is a lightweight battery pack or power bank featuring the latest LiFePO4 battery technology. The Lithium Iron Phosphate battery otherwise known as a LiFePO4 Battery is lighter, safer, and longer lasting than other consumer rechargeable battery types. Compared to AGM  lead-acid batteries found in other solar generators and power backup systems the LiFePO4 lasts more than twice as long and is a third of the weight.
The portability of the Aspect Solar EnergyBar250 gives you the ability to power electronics, small appliances, lights, and other devices on the go where the convenience of plugging into the electrical grid is not available, or at home or the office when the power grid is down.
The EnergyBar 250 power center accommodates powering a range of devices and equipment and has an AC Universal outlet, 12V DC socket and 4 5V 2A USB Outputs.   

The EnergyBar 250 packs an incredible 250-Watt Hours of energy = 25 hours of power for smartphones, 3-4 hours for a laptop, or up to 10 hours for LED televisions.

The EnergyBar 250 can be recharged in multiple ways:
  • Included AC Adapter: 5 hours to fully charge
  • DC Adapter: 5-6 hours to fully charge
  • AspectSolar Solar Panel Kit EP-60: 7-13 hours to fully charge
Weather-resistant Case
The EnergyBar 250 comes with a protective, weather-resistant neoprene carrying case. Carrying it between dry spots in the rain isn’t an issue. Zip it up, and take it wherever power is needed. Use the sealed pouch to hold mobile devices or adapters.

The Aspect Solar EnergyBar 250 comes with a five year Limited Warranty.

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