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Aspect Solar Power Pack Pro 60
The Aspect Solar Power Pack Pro 60 is a complete portable solar generator bundle that packs into a waterproof hard case that gives you everything you need to power electronics, small appliances, lights, and other devices on the go, where the convenience of plugging into the electrical grid is not available, or at home or the office when the power grid is down.
The EnergyBar 250 is a lightweight power center containing a LiFePO4 Battery, inverter and controllers to accommodate powering a range of devices and equipment. This power center has a AC Universal outlet, 12V DC socket and 4 5V 2A USB Outputs.   
This Solar Power Bundle includes:
  • Aspect Solar EnergyBar 250
  • Aspect Solar EP-60 Solar Panels
  • Aspect Solar DC-154 DC Adapter
  • Aspect Solar EC-250 Waterproof Hard Case
  • Aspect Solar Five year Limited Warranty
LiFePO4 Battery
Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are advanced technology that is lighter, safer, and longer lasting than other consumer rechargeables. Compared to common lead-acid batteries found in generators, the LiFePO4 will last twice as long (10 years vs. 3-5, 1000 power cycles vs. 500) and is three times as light. The phosphate cathode used in the chemical reaction prevents thermal run-off and overheating. A LiFePO4 battery is as safe as it is powerful.
The Full Power of the Sun
Advanced monocrystalline cells gather the highest amount of photovoltaic energy possible. From there, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology ensures that devices are pulling the most efficient amount of energy at any given time from the panels. An LED lights up when the EP-60 is angled to receive optimal sunlight with its adjustable stand. Depending on the time of day, the panels can be propped up or laid flat for exposure to direct sunlight and faster charging.
Compact Design
The impressive wingspan of the EP-60 folds together into a durable carrying case. These incredibly thin, incredibly powerful panels fit into most narrow spaces. When there’s no more room to pack anything else, solar power can still come with you.
Lighter Socket Charging
Need to charge up at night? Or on the go? Enjoy the same freedom of unlimited power with the DC-154 adapter cable. Connect your EnergyBar 250 to the lighter socket in your vehicle or aircraft to charge it up as fast as it would from a wall outlet.
The EC-250 is a hard plastic case with a watertight seal. Your EnergyBar 250 and any other electronics inside are safe from the weather. 

MSRP $1020.00
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